4 Aug

DSCN3202Greek Worry Beads!

The word Komboloi, comes from the Greek words ”kombos”, meaning a large number of knots, and ”loi”, meaning a group that sticks together. Komboloi beads, also known as ”worry beads,” are arranged in a strand of sixteen to twenty beads, with one bead tied and set off, usually adorned with a tassel. Worry beads are commonly believed to have first been used on Mount Athos in northern Greece during medieval times, where strands of beads made of woolen knots were tied on a string and used as an aid to recount prayers.

Bruce needed a new set, so I collected some glass beads and waxed cotton cord in my stash and bought a new Evil Eye from Ebay.DSCN3199DSCN3200


I researched the meaning of the Evil Eye bead, and here’s the best summary.


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